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What makes us special?



Esketit co-founders have more than 10 years of experience in consumer lending all over the world. None of their companies have ever defaulted or had any other issues – not regarding p2p platforms or in any other way


Track record

The only consumer lender in Europe with a large public bank as a strategic shareholder, South African Capitec (shareholder CF Group). Our corporate governance and management quality is based on publicly listed company standards



One of the Esketit key policies is absolute transparency – we're disclosing the true beneficiaries, operational KPIs, our regulatory policy, as well as financial reports and full info on our Loan Originators



Our Loan Originators are geographically diverse and offer numerous types of loans: unsecured online consumer loans, installment consumer loans, offline branch-based consumer loans, and business loans

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Investing with Esketit is as straightforward and transparent as it can be. Still, we want you to fully understand the investing process. Please, take time to read our Risk Policy to understand the possible risks

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Anyone can become an investor, as long as you're at least 18 years old and live in the EU. Becoming an investor with Esketit is easy, fast, and completely online. Register and start earning passive income today

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