Find answers to the most common questions about P2P lending

Getting started

What is Esketit? +
What is investing in loans? +
What can I do on the Esketit platform? +
What intermediary services does Esketit Platform provide? +
Where are you based? +
Are there any fees? +
Skin in the game +

Becoming an investor

Who can become an investor? +
What do I need to do to become an investor? +
How to verify my account? +
How long does it take to verify my account? +
How to verify my bank account? +
How long does the bank verification process take? +
What to do if I still can`t make myself verified? +


How do I add funds to my account? +
What is the minimum investment amount? +
In what currencies are investments on Esketit Platform listed? +
What happens after I make investment? +
Do I get any proof of my investment? +
How many loan deals can I fund/invest in? +
Can I exit my investment earlier than the maturity date? +
What is Auto-Invest? +


How do you choose the investment opportunities to be placed on Esketit? +
For how long is a loan deal visible on Esketit? +
How is the interest rate calculated? +
What is a BuyBack Obligation? +
Could the loan term be extended? +
Is it risky to invest? +

Secondary Market

How do I sell on the Secondary Market (SM)? +
Do I receive an interest if my investment is listed on Secondary Market (SM)? +
What does discount/premium on the Secondary Market mean? +
Can I re-sell a loan deal I have bought on Secondary Market (SM)? +

Refer a friend

How does it work? +
How to join the Refer A Friend program? +
How much can I earn by referring my friends? +
How will I receive my bonus? +
Is there anything else I should know? +

Depositing in cryptocurrencies

Do I, as an investor, need to pay any commissions? +
What blockchain is being used to service transactions to Esketit? +
What blockchain is being used to service transactions from Esketit? +
What stablecoins I can deposit? +
What stablecoin I can withdraw? +
How are the deposits and withdrawals are processed? +
What services provider does Esketit use for crypto operations? +


How do I withdraw funds from my Account? +
Do I have to pay taxes from income earned on the Esketit Platform? +
I have another question or want to share feedback +
What is two-factor authentication? +
How to enable two-factor authentication? +
How to disable two-factor authentication? +