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Esketit was launched in December 2020 by Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis – founders of the fiercely successful Creamfinance Group that's been profitable since its inception in 2012, with a whopping 70 million revenue in 2019.

The loans are issued by affiliated loan originators, making the whole process transparent and easy to oversee. Davis and Matiss employ the 'skin in the game' approach, thus providing more assurance to the Esketit Platform investors.

Investing in personal loans with the Esketit Platform is easy and secure. Esketit operates in five diverse markets, thus opening the world to all our investors. Here you'll find the best practices in the P2P lending industry with us and start earning premium returns without sacrificing security.

Creamfinance in numbers

€ 12M
Company Equity
€ 793M
Loans funded
€ 70M
Annual Revenue

Meet the team

Davis Barons

Davis Barons has co-founded the Creamfinance Group, which in 2016 was named the fastest-growing fintech by the prestigious Inc. 5000 magazine. Davis has led the product development of Creamfinance Group since its inception and has led the global expansion into five countries worldwide. Davis has graduated from various executive training programs – the Venture Capital Executive Training Program jointly organized by the UC Berkley and Haas Business School

Matiss Ansviesulis

Matiss Ansviesulis is an entrepreneur with an impressive track record. Matiss has co-founded Creamfinance group in 2012 and held the CEO position until 2020. Under his supervision, Creamfinance Group has grown from a small start-up to an international group with over €70M in revenue and €100M capital raised. Matiss holds a first-class honor Bachelor's degree from Lancaster University in Business Studies. Before Creamfinance, Matiss was working as a money market trader in J.P. Morgan, London

Vitālijs Zalovs

Vitalijs has almost 10 years of experience in finance. Most of this time – in the P2P industry observing from inside the growth of one of Europe's most prominent P2P players and seeing general development of the sector. Vitalijs has 5+ years of experience managing exceptionally performing teams. Vitalijs has extensive knowledge about the industry and is ready to apply all that expertise to lead the Esketit platform, so the investors can participate in the journey together with its co-founders to share their profit from well-performing and developing businesses.

Renars Upitis

Renars Upitis has over 15 years of experience in marketing with a strong focus on digital marketing. Before joining Esketit as its Chief Marketing Officer, Renars’ experience included working in marketing agencies, start-ups, and in recent years, fintech companies, assisting in scaling them. Renars has a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Management and Economist Qualification from Riga Technical University.

Daina Ruka

Daina has ten years of experience working in finance. She has developed a solid financial background working in various positions within large international companies, establishing herself as a bridge between accounting and finance. Her strong suits are financial controlling, budgeting, IFRS, development/implementation of accounting policies, advising companies in accounting&finance-related matters. Daina has worked as an auditor for KPMG, where she managed various audit projects across leading companies in the Baltics. Daina's passions are acquiring new knowledge and sports. Currently, she is studying MBA at Riga Business School.

Ilgvars Jecis

Ilgvars Jecis is an IT professional with almost 20 years experience in local and international companies. He has worked in the technology and well-known fintech companies, leading the IT teams. Ilgvars has founded several IT ventures providing services to financial technology companies. Ilgvars has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Riga Technical University

Edgars Koskins

Legal Partner (Supremia, Attorneys at Law)
Supremia is the Esketit Platform’s legal partner covering full legal aspects. Supremia consists of attorneys at law who have been serving their clients since 1996. Supremia has extensive experience in helping clients with all business matters in Europe

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