Loan Originators

A loan originator provides consumer loans to customers worldwide

Creamfinance Group

Creamfinance Group is the principal Esketit Platform partner. The Group's mission is to make money available to everyone. This is done by providing consumer loans online conveniently and quickly. Since 2012, Creamfinance Group is always on the lookout to expand business in different markets. The Group currently operates in five lucrative markets, such as Spain, Mexico, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Poland. The company has 500+ employees, including its IT hub in Austria.

The founders of Creamfinance Group, Davis Barons and Matiss Ansviesulis, are among the most successful Latvian entrepreneurs in the segment. They're also the Group's founders, together with VC Flint Capital and Capitec (25mil EUR series B equity investment). Creamfinance Group has always been profit focused, have never lost any investors' funds ever since its inception in 2012.

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