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We are a loan platform for private investors

Esketit is a loan platform where private investors from all over Europe (and outside) can invest in loans issued by our partners – Loan Originators.

Esketit operates and manages a platform for investing in loans, connecting the investors, borrowers, and Loan Originators. The minimum investment is as little as 10€.

Investing in loans refers to individual investors providing money for borrowers through Loan Originators by purchasing the loan parts (claim rights) arising from the loan agreements concluded between the Loan Originators and borrowers.

How to start investing


Register as a client

Becoming a client is easy and is entirely online. Anyone who is 18 years old and possesses a bank account within any EU country or has cryptocurrency stablecoins account is eligible to register. The minimum investment is only 10 EUR, so don’t worry if you do not have large sums to invest

To complete the identification process, you need a camera on your computer (or a phone) and an identity document

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  1. Register

    To start investing in our platform fill in the registration form

  2. Add funds to your account

    Become an active investor by adding funds to your investor account

  3. Select and invest in loans

    Create your first Auto Invest portfolio using parameters set by you, or manually invest in available loans by filtering them

  4. Track the growth of investments

    View your profile daily to track your investments, portfolio, and returns

  5. Receive invested principal plus earned interest

    Funds are accessible in your investor account as soon as the loan repayment is completed

Esketit features at a glance

Investing in loans with Esketit is simple and straightforward, thanks to all the functions and features available on our platform


Secondary market

The secondary market offers the opportunity to sell the investment before its maturity. Selling on the secondary market is completely free with us and helps in the situation when you need a fast exit



Auto-Invest feature allows investing automatically without wasting your precious time. All you need to do is set the criteria matching your investment goals and appetite, and the Auto-Invest will invest on your behalf once the loan deal becomes available


Group guarantee

For AvaFin(Creamfinance) loans, we have a Group Guarantee, meaning that in case the Loan Originator cannot fulfill its BuyBack Obligation towards investors, the AvaFin Holding(Creamfinance Group) steps in to fulfill the BuyBack Obligation. Whether the Group Guarantee is applicable to a corresponding loan offer is specified on the platform


Buyback obligation

Investing in unsecured personal loans can be risky, as the borrowers may default on the loan. Therefore almost all Loan Originators give a guarantee in the form of BuyBack Obligation. This means that the Loan Originator has an obligation to buy back (redeem) the investor’s investments (claim rights against the defaulted borrower) if the loan repayment has been delayed for more than 60 calendar days. On the loan page, you can see if a loan has a BuyBack obligation

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