Why invest with Esketit?

Investing in loans allows you to earn premium return and diversify your investment portfolio

Skin in the game

Our Founders own both the platform and loan originators, which means they are vouching for Esketit with their own money. That's what we call reliable

Full transparency

We believe trust is a vital part of our business. That's why we're disclosing all the numbers, so you can easily evaluate the safety of your investments

Industry experience

The Founders of Esketit have been working in the lending sector for 10+ years. Real people, real money, real success. And zero defaults. These facts speak volumes

Advanced functionality

Esketit is equipped with advanced features for you to invest with confidence: Auto-Invest for better diversification, a Secondary Market for faster exit, and much more

Are you excited?

Before you begin

Investing with Esketit is as straightforward and transparent as it can be. Still, we want you to fully understand the investing process. Please, take time to read our Risk Policy to understand the possible risks

How to start

Anyone can become an investor, as long as you're at least 18 years old and live in the EU. Becoming an investor with Esketit is easy, fast, and completely online. Register and start earning passive income today

Start earning

You are just a few steps away from safe returns

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